Graduation Credit Planning

  • Graduation Credit:24 credits
    • Professional Courses:6 courses x 3 credits
    • Seminar:2 courses x 1 credit
    • Thesis Seminar:2 courses x 2 credits
    • Industry Paper Research: 2 courses x 2 credits(May be used to waive the above credits)
  • Teaching methods:In addition to the traditional classroom instruction, video conferencing and modular curriculum are adoptedModular Course Schedule
  • Required background knowledge:Prerequisite Course Schedule

Innovation Modular-Course

  • Deconstruction:A general 3-credit course is deconstructed into 6 modules
    • 1 module = 0.5 credits = (3 hrs) X (3 weeks)
  • Self-service buffet:Students may choose any 5 modules and an integrated final project to complete a course
  • Module Requirements:Core/Key/Hands-on practice/ Thinking
    • Intensive, assignments (Evaluated by teaching assistants)

Reservoir module(3 credits=6 Modules)