190 JUPAS of the College of Artificial Intelligence

In cooperation with the Executive Yuan’s “Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City” to expand the application and development of smart cities, smart green energy, self-driving cars and other related fields, the College of Artificial Intelligence was approved and added to the Tainan campus of NCTU. Master’s programs are established in the Institute of Computational Intelligence, the Institute of Intelligent Systems and the Institute of Smart Industry and Green Energy of the College.
Master Classes and Codes Enrollment Quota Exam Items
191 Institute of Computational Intelligence General and Working Students:See the latest announcement for details Document Review
192 Institute of Intelligent Systems General and Working Students:See the latest announcement for details
193 Institute of Smart Industry and Green Energy General and Working Students:See the latest announcement for details
Registery Fee:Select One for NT$800, Select Two or Three for NT$1300
  1. Examination takes Document Review, no written/oral examinations. Those who have not submitted the examination materials before the registration deadline are deemed to have failed to register, and candidates must not object or request a replacement.
  2. Please submit the following review materials when registering, among them, items (a)~(c) are mandatory review materials. If there is any omission, they will not be reviewed.
    1. 1 Application Form (Application form Generated by Online Registration).
    2. A copy of the college grades (including the total average and ranking or with a certificate of ranking). If you are unable to obtain the ranking certificate, please issue the original school certificate of failure to obtain the ranking. (Students who have transferred to the university must submit additional transcripts before the transfer to college)
    3. Autobiography (limited to less than 800 characters) and Reading Plan (limited to less than 3 pages), the format is not limited.
    4. Other materials that are helpful for review (certificate of participation in relevant academic competition awards, special topics, certification of various examination competitions and academic (art) activities, admission results of other institutes or recommendation letters).
    5. If you want to send the recommendation letter by yourself, please send it before the registration deadline to Room 207, MicroInfo Research Center, National Chiao Tung University, No. 1001, University Road, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan, ROC. And please mark “Apply for the College of Artificial Intelligence Joint Enrollment”.
  3. After freshmen enter the school, they can select the advisory professor across the institute.
Approved Students Register Register to Room 203, MicroInfo Research Center, Guangfu Campus, NCTU. If there is any change, the announcement will be based on our website.
Contact information for Admission Exams TEL:03-5712121 Ext.54833/52940/52904 FAX:03-5719730
Colleges and Institutes NCTU Tainan Campus 3F Chi-Mei Building Room 306, , (No. 301, Gaofa 3rd Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City)

Tainan campus

Geographic Location:Chi-Mei Building, No. 301, Gaofa 3rd Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City(About 800 meters east of High Speed Rail Tainan Station)

Accommodation Information:The tall and bright Graduate Dormitory and Scholar Hall in the Tainan campus provides cozy and comfortable one-person suites for housing.

College Introduction

  • To meet the challenges of Global Industry 4.0 and the rapidly growing demand for AI talents, the College cultivates industrial talents with electrical, information, science and engineering expertise as well as practical industrial experience, to accumulate AI human capital and enhance overall national competitiveness.
  • The College has an impressive pool of teachers who emphasize cross-field cooperation. The teacher resource includes chair professors and young industrial scholars who use innovative modular teaching methods to provide professional training in AI theory and practice.
  • International and industrial experts also jointly provide graduate thesis advising, emphasizing both theory and practice. From “brain thinking” to “hands-on practice”, big data, new algorithms, machine learning, AI and other technologies are applied to all kinds of professional domains.
  • Excellent scholarship opportunities are available to students, including scholarships for full-time master’s program students.
  • A number of well-known manufacturers are already resident in the NCTU Tainan campus; a joint industry-academia research center will be established in the new research and teaching building,  scheduled to be completed in August 2020, to provide rich  opportunities for industrial internships and employment.