In recent years, artificial intelligence has been moving toward integration not only in science and engineering. Theory and application have also been closely combined, and software and hardware, IoT technology, machine learning technology and big data analysis are also in the scope of integration. The National Chiao Tung University College of Artificial Intelligence aims to become an international artificial intelligence research and education center. Based on educational and research trends, the teaching and research units of the College of Artificial Intelligence has established three institutes (please refer to the organizational chart), namely the Institute of Computational Intelligence, the Institute of Intelligent Systems and the Institute of Smart Industry and Green Energy. The mission of these institutes is to cultivate professional talents in high-level in information, network and artificial intelligence technologies. Currently, the National Chiao Tung University College of Artificial Intelligence is the first college of artificial intelligence in the nation, and boasts a rich and outstanding teaching resource. In addition to professors in the college, the College has instructors from the industry, providing a total of 62 teachers to help achieve the educational goal of both theory and practice. The College also has the first GPU and network experimenting equipment for a conducive teaching environment.


The Organization Chart of the College of AI


Institute of Computational Intelligence

Given the wide range of fields in artificial intelligence, the Institute of Computational Intelligence has oriented development toward basic scientific research in AI, integrated systems design for intelligent computing, further development of green energy technologies, further development of quantum computers, and computational intelligence, laying key technological foundations for green energy development and other fields.

Institute of Intelligent Systems

The development focus of the Institute of Intelligent Systems is based on new global development trend in AI green energy technology and the direction of national science and technology policies. The Institutes aims to cultivate professional scientific research and engineering talents needed by the industry so that Taiwan can become a model field in the industrial application of AI and energy technology, subsequently driving Taiwan’s technology into worldwide markets.

Institute of Smart Industry and Green Energy

The Institute of Smart Industry and Green Energy is planning its green energy development and research direction according to Taiwan’s future industrial need for AI and green energy talents.
The Institute seeks to cultivate AI and green energy professionals to provide for Taiwan’s future need for a large number of talents in the innovative green energy industry.