About us


Shalun, Tainan is the hub of the Central Government’s 5 + 2 industry green energy technology development. Hardware construction in the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City began in early 2018. Together, the Tainan City Government and National Chiao Tung University witnessed Shalun’s industrial transformation and emergence. The future construction of the Green Energy Science City will be in full swing. Construction of the Academia Sinica in Southern Taiwan, the Tainan Convention and Exhibition Center and access roads in the park began in early 2019. The National Chiao Tung University is the first unit to station in the park. Upon completing the Tainan Campus Chimei Building in 2009, the College of Photonics was established to cultivate talents. Throughout the process, NCTU also witnessed the emergence of Tainan’s Shalun, an important partner in the development of the Green Energy Science City. In coordination with the development needs of the park, NCTU Tainan Campus established the College of Artificial Intelligence in 2019 to promote and strengthen the synergy of the industry, academic and research communities in Tainan.

Our College

To meet the challenges of Global Industry 4.0 and the rapidly growing demand for AI talents, the College cultivates industrial talents with both electrical, information, science and engineering expertise and practical industrial experience to accumulate AI human capital and enhance overall national competitiveness. The College has an impressive pool of teachers who emphasize cross-field cooperation. The teacher resource includes chair professors and young industrial scholars who use innovative modular teaching methods to provide professional training in AI theory and practice. International and industrial experts also jointly provide graduate thesis advising, emphasizing both theory and practice. From “brain thinking” to “hands-on practice”, big data, new algorithms, machine learning, AI and other technologies are applied to all kinds of professional domains. A number of well-known manufacturers have settled in our school’s Tainan campus, and we will jointly establish an Industry-University Research Center to provide a wealth of industrial internships and employment opportunities.


The different members of the College faculty (chair professors, teachers and researchers) take advantage of academic and graduate student human resources to jointly provide thesis advising for graduate students. From feasibility exploration to practical value market research, the goal of increasing corporate and campus human resource by ten-fold has been achieved, accumulating the human capital needed for enhancing technological competitiveness. To be on a par with international standards, the College has a 62 faculty positions, including corporate lecturers and contract instructors. The College seeks to meet the new challenges of Industry 4.0, advance and optimize industry-academia cooperation performance, and make Shalun Science City the base for project development and cradle for ventures.


Commuting Information

  1. By High Speed Rail
    Get off at the High Speed Rail Tainan Station. From Exit 1, head south and turn left at the first traffic light (Guiren 13th Road). Keep going for about 500 meters to the campus.
  2. By Car
    1. Take the southbound National Highway No. 1:
      Ramp on to 86-System Interchange at the 330 km post on National Highway No. 1. Go towards Guiren. At the Datan-Wudong Interchange, turn right onto Jhongjheng South Road Section 2. Turn left at Gueiren 8th Road and keep going until the end of Guiren 5th Road. Turn right at Gaofa 3rd Road to the campus.
    2. National Highway No. 3:
      At the 357 km post on the National Highway No. 3, ramp off on Guanmiao Interchange onto the 86-System Interchange. Head towards Datan-Wudong. Ramp off the Datan-Wudong Interchange onto Jhongjheng South Road. Turn left at Guiren 8th Road and keep going until the end of Guiren 5th Road. Turn right at Gaofa 3rd Road to the campus.
  3. From Tainan City
    Take the free HSR express shuttle to the Tainan High Speed Rail Station. From Exit 1, head south and turn left at the first traffic light (Guiren 13th Road). Keep going for about 500 meters to the campus.
    Shuttle Information::
    ◎ From Tainan Railway Station to Shalun Railway Station (High Speed Rail Tainan Station)

    1. From Tainan Railway Station, take the shuttle train to Shalun Station.
    2. The train runs once every 30 minutes, and it takes about 20 minutes to the destination.

Tainan Campus

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